Boxer Rex wall calendar for 2019 is finally here and are ready to be ordered. And it can be shipped all over the world.


The calendar is printed on high quality paper with lots of cute and funny pictures of Rex off course! And there are holes in it so you an hung it on the wall if you like.


The actual calendar part is an international calendar with only sundays as a red day. And without holidays, so everyone can use it around the world.


We ship the calendar to every country in the world and the the shipping is included in the price..


The calendar cost 17 US dollars or in Euro its 15 Euro’s. Or if you live in Sweden - you pay 150 Swedish kronor. And as I said - the price include shipping!


You can off course order 2 or more if you like to give it away as a present as well.


Here’s how you order:


Send an email to

In this email you write your name, full adress and witch country you live in and how many boxer rex calendars you like to order.



 And I will email you back with instructions and with a link to paypal where you can pay with creditcard or paypal direct. All in the secure inviroment of Paypal. Super easy.


And when I see your payment - I will post the calendar to you.


The calendars will be shipped in a special hard cover envelope where it will be well protected.


I’m not showing you all the pictures here in the video because I want it to be a surprise for you when you open the calendar for the first time. But I can promise you that you will not be dissapointed - they are all great pictures of Rex in high quality. Cove pictures, a picture for every month and a centerfold of great Rex pictures.


So, If you want to look at Rex on your wall every day, and I know you do! Make sure to order a boxer Rex calendar today by emailing to